Privacy breach at a Stanford Hospital.

8 Sep

A timely article in the New York times about why it is dangerous to make private data sets available in their original form, even to contractors who have signed confidentiality agreements.


One Response to “Privacy breach at a Stanford Hospital.”

  1. cimbriano September 10, 2011 at 3:23 am #

    “Ms. Dobson said it could have been disastrous if her son, who lives at home, had learned that his name was linked to a mental health diagnosis.”

    So is it:

    1. The son knows he has an illness and would be devastated if he found out his diagnosis was made public

    2. The son doesn’t know he has an illness and his mother is trying to keep this knowledge from him

    Either way won’t he know now as a result of this quote, or at the very least, have a higher likelihood of finding out?

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